Our Story

The Holmes Family

When we first set foot on this land, we felt an inexplicable connection to Seascape Retreat. We were instantly drawn to its serene embrace. Standing amongst the swaying trees and sweeping vistas, we knew that we had found our new favourite place in the world.

The land, the villas, and the ever-present serenity have woven themselves into the fabric of our family. We're delighted to share this sanctuary with you, to offer a space where you can rediscover the beauty of stillness, connect with nature, and find the same relaxation and joy that have enriched our lives.

Family-owned, we love being a small part of your time away. If you have questions, or are looking for recommendations, we would love to talk with you.

— Mark and Tracey


It’s always been integral to Seascape Retreat that we honour and care for our stunning natural environment. From the creation of our eco-accommodation and every day since, sustainability has been at the forefront of everything we do. A legacy that we will continue on.

You’ll see our commitment to sustainability through the specially milled renewable Australian ironbark weatherboard cladding that adorns our villas, the renewable spotted gum decking and spacious open plan low energy use interiors. We have also recently installed EV chargers, so that those with electric vehicles are able to charge their cars onsite.

We invite you to tread lightly during your stay at Seascape Retreat, give more to the land than you take. In a world often consumed by the rush of everyday life, seek solace in the tranquillity of Seascape Retreat, a sanctuary where the gentle whispers of nature replace the noise of the world outside of our acres of land.

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